Drive rear pallet racks are intended for high-density, multiple-product storage, making the most of your storage area and supplying easy . It will help simplify the storage and recovery of merchandise in warehouses and distribution facilities that encounter moderate turnover of two or more pallets of the identical product SKU.

Constructed of telescoping carriages, this system can save pallets twothree, four or five heavy, stocking and selecting the pallets from precisely the exact same aisle. This last-in/first-out spinning system reduces the distance needed to promote merchandise.

Here is how it works – every degree is built of rolling railings a pair of trolleys traveling about carrying the pallet loads. The railings are constructed using a little incline, lower in the front, which makes it possible for the trolleys / pallet loads to roll forwards, by way of gravity, once the pallet in the very front of this aisle is eliminated.

Each degree of racking consists of two or even three parallel trolleys at varying heights.

The initial pallet load is put, by forklift, on the maximal of their trolleys.

When the second pallet is about to be loaded, the initial pallet is pushed back, by noodle, on another pair of trolleys.

If your system was made to hold pallet loads 3, 4 or 5 heavy, then the procedure is repeated until the final pallet loaded rests right on the rolling railings, rather than the trolleys.

Each degree includes exactly the exact same product SKU, which enhances your stock management.

Excellent space use with minimal height distance wasted.

The possibility of potential product damage is diminished by keeping it up off the ground and lessening the number of times every load is managed.

Reduction in directing time leads to reduced labour costs.

If you’re seeking high density, compact storage, along with your product mix is made up of two or more pallets of moderate turnover merchandise using the very same SKU, subsequently Push Back Pallet Racks might be your solution. Speak with your material handling product export regarding your alternatives and get them help you look for a system which meets your precise wants and discover out for yourself just how long and money you can save by optimizing the present area you’ve got.

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